Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI | FULLY AUTOMATED FARMING

Created by loglizzyy


  • Fully automated GUI – Just let it run
  • probly the best gui currently, as i could not find any decent one lol.
  • above is the minified version, the original one you can find in the github repository.
  • still going to add some new shit to it, kinda like: “auto buy egg”, “auto shiny”(maybe), “auto buy upgrades”, “auto equip”
local a=game.ReplicatedStorage;local b=game.Players.LocalPlayer;local c=b.leaderstats;local d=game.ReplicatedStorage.Remotes.ClientRemote;local e;local f={}for g,h in next,a.Modules:GetChildren()do f[h.Name]=require(h)end;local i={}for g,h in next,f do local j={}for g,h in next,h do j[g]=h end;table.sort(j,function(h,k)return h.Cost>k.Cost end)i[g]=j end;function get(l,m,n)local o,p;for g,h in next,i[l]do o=h[n]<=m and h or o;p=o==h and g or p;if o and p then break end end;return table.find(f[l],o)or p end;local q=game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Ui.CenterFrame.Travel.Frame;function has()local j={}for g,h in next,q:GetChildren()do if not h:FindFirstChild('Purchase')then continue end;j[h.Name]=h.Purchase.Texto.Text=='Travel'end;return j end;local r=loadstring(game:HttpGet(''))()local s,t=r:AddWindow('8====D anime cum'),{}local u={farm={{'auto energy','energy',function()while do d:InvokeServer('Tapping')task.wait()end end},{'auto rebirth','rebirth',function()local k=c.Energy;while t.rebirth do d:InvokeServer('Rebirths',get('Rebirths',k.Value,'Cost'))task.wait()end end},{'auto practice','practice',function()local k=c.Gems;while t.practice do if e and k.Value<e then task.wait()continue end;local v=b.Character and b.Character.PrimaryPart;if not v then task.wait()continue end;local w;for g,h in next,game.Workspace["__SETTINGS"]["__INTERACT"]:GetChildren()do if h.Name=='Practice'then w=not w and h or has()[h.Area.Value]and h.Boost.Value>w.Boost.Value and h or w end end;v.CFrame=w.CFrame;e=(d:InvokeServer('Practice',w)or 0)*1.05;task.wait()end end},{'auto buy worlds','worlds',function()local k=c.Gems;while t.worlds do local p=get('Areas',k.Value,'Cost')if not has()[p]then d:InvokeServer('Areas',p)end;task.wait()end end}}}local x;for g,v in next,u do local y=s:AddTab(g)x=x or y;for z,h in next,v do y:AddSwitch(h[1],function(m)t[h[2]]=m;h[3](m)end)end end;x:Show()