AoT:Insertplaygrou Script | INSTANT KILL & MORE!


Created by GameOverAgain


So first of all it makes your damage being as human instant kill and for titan 500 damage

Controls are :
LeftAlt – To kill people in the range of 100m
Right Alt – To get Advanced gear
Left Control + F ( Point your mouse to on a human and be titan) will grab the person
Left Control + V – Drops person that you grabbed
Left Control + E – Eats person that you grabbed
Left Control + X (Be Jaw titan) will cling on to a person’s titan neck
Left Control + B – To bite titan which you cling as jaw titan
Left Control + C – Will give you colossal titan’s half titan and will return data to old titan

Also there 3 commands:  (works if you put not full name)
/grab username — grabs the person
/drop — drops the person
/eat — eats the person

Have anti blind against Ackermans

No cooldown for titan abilities

About UI:
1. Inf Transforming
2. Spikes – You need attack titan then click spikes then press Z in titan form
3. HealS – gives you faster regen for titan form

Well, it’s all, enjoy.

loadstring(game:HttpGet('', true))()




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