Bee Swarm Simulator Script | BEST AUTO FARM GUI – DECEMBER 2022


Made by Narnia#1337 and complex#0002


  • Fast-performing autofarm system, proven to be quicker than other competing scripts (View All Features)
  • – Autofarm
  • – Auto dig & autodig mode
  • – Auto sprinkler
  • – Farm bubbles, flames, coconuts/shower, precise crosshairs, fuzzy bombs, balloons
  • – Auto dispenser, field boosters, wealth clock, free antpasses
  • – Auto reset bee energy after x conversions
  • – Teleport to rares (not safe)
  • – Auto do quests
  • – Auto honey mask
  • – Farm closest leaves
  • – Follow player
  • – And more! Buyers get extra features that makes the autofarming experience much better!
  • Advanced mob farming system (kills mobs) (View All Features)
  • – Kill crab, snail, mondo, commando, vicious, and/or windy
  • – Auto kill mobs
  • – Avoid mobs
  • – Auto ant challenge
  • – Timer for auto kill mobs
  • Advanced items system (View All Features)
  • – Use items
  • – Auto use items
  • – Donate to shrine
  • –  Auto feed bees
  • Auto Planters (View All Features)
  • – Blacklist certain types of nectars
  • – Blacklist certain types of planters
  • – Custom planter settings
  • – Harvest percentage
  • Extra Features (View All Features)
  • – Waypoints
  • – Webhook System
  • – Walk speed and jumpspeed modifier
  • – God mode
  • – Ant challenge god mode (semi)
  • – Equip accessories, masks, collectors, generate amulets
  • – Export stats
  • Settings (View All Features)
  • – Convert hive balloon (you can choose blessing % to convert at)- Don’t walk in field- Loop speed- Don’t farm tokens- Enable token blacklisting- Token settings- Walk peed & jump power settings- Priority tokens- Rares list- Dispenser settings- Quest settings
  • It is advised you join the Discord server because the script above changes frequently, and I will not be updating this PasteBin every time it does.




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