Created by egoD


  • Undetectable (No Ban)
  • Remove Screen Shake
  • Attack No Cooldown (OP)
  • Auto Redeem all EXP Codes
  • Devil Fruit ESP (Can show natural DF Spawn’s name)
  • Flower ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Boost FPS
  • Legendary Sword Dealer Server Hop
  • Auto Hop server looking for Legendary sword to buy
  • Auto Story Line Quest
  • Auto Saber Quest
  • Auto Bartilo Quest
  • Bring Fruit / TP Torch Locations
  • Auto Chest
  • Devil Fruit Sniper
  • Auto Store Devil Fruit
  • Auto Drop Devil Fruit (Drop DF underground if have Fruit in Backpack)
  • Bring Mob (Can bring all mobs in render distance)
  • Auto Set Spawn Point
  • Level Farm
  • Auto detect level to farm best Mob
  • Custom Level to farm
  • Auto Sea 2 / Sea 3 Quest
  • Auto Factory
  • Auto Pirate Raid
  • Auto Legendary Sword Dealer
  • Auto Master of Enchancement
  • Auto Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin
  • Auto Super Human / Death Step
  • Can enable at the same time
  • Mastery Farm
  • Devil Fruit Mastery / Gun Mastery
  • Supported Control / Buddha / Diamond / Falcon
  • Boss Farm
  • Farm all Boss
  • Ectoplasm Farm
  • Elite Boss Farm
  • Hop Server / No Hop if got God’s Chalice
  • Mob Farm
  • Farm all Mob in the game
  • TP Islands, Lands / TP NPCs / TP World
  • Auto Raid
  • Auto Buy Chip / Goto next island / Instant Kill Mobs
  • Auto Awake after Raid
  • Can enable with Auto Farm features
  • Auto Stat
  • Unlock all Haki
  • Geppo / Soru / Ken / Buso
  • Dodge No Cooldown
  • Soru No Cooldown
  • Infnity Geppo
  • Ken Infnity Range
  • Remove Lava Damage
  • No Stun
  • Infnity Energy
  • Mob Hitbox Extender
  • Mob Instant Kill Aura
  • Silent Aim
  • View Player
  • TP Player
  • Webhook




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