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Tower of Hell (1962086868)
  [Main Section]
    Godmode (TextButton)
    Tp to Top (TextButton)
    AutoTp to Top (Toggle)
    Disable Anticheat (TextButton)
    Delete all Kill Parts (TextButton)

    WalkSpeed (TextBox)
    JumpPower (TextBox)
    Inf Jump (Toggle)

Anime Clicker Simulator (3102144307)
    Autoclick (Toggle)
    Select Auto Click Boss [Dropdown]
    Auto Click Boss [Toggle]
    Select Auto Egg [Dropdown]
    Auto Egg [Toggle]
    Teleports [Dropdown
    Select Auto Rebirth [Dropdown]
    Auto Rebirth [Toggle]

    Select Upgrade [Dropdown]
    Auto Upgrade [Toggle]

  Arsenal (286090429)
  Silent Aim FOV [Slider]
  FOV Circle [Toggle]
  Silent Aim HitPart (Dropdown)
  Silent Aim (Toggle)
  ESP (toggle)

  Rise of Nations
  Cracked $6 GUI [Button]
  Country Lookup [Button]
  Unit Esp | Kinda Laggy [Button]
  Auto Build Forts [Button]
  Build Mines on City With Selected Resource [Dropdown]
  Build Mines on Cities With Resources [Button]
  Send Alliance to All Players [Button]
  Send Puppet to All Players [Button]

  Ninja Legends
    Autofarm [Toggle]
    Auto Sell x35 [Toggle]
    Auto Buy Swords [Toggle]
    Auto Buy Belts [Toggle]
    Auto Buy Ranks [Toggle]
    Auto Buy Skills [Toggle]
    Teleport Islands [Dropdown]
    Discover all Islands [Button]
    Select Crystal [Dropdown]
    Auto Open Crystal [Toggle]
    Collect Hoops [Toggle]
    Auto Collect Chests [Toggle]

    Critical Legends
      Auto Chests [Toggle]
      Auto Tp to Damage Sword Thing [Toggle]
      Godmode [Toggle]
      Select Region [Dropdown]
      Autofarm Region [Toggle]

      Select Teleport [Dropdown]

      [Combat Style Changer]
      Select Style [Dropdown]
      Change Style [Button] 




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