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Created by rubic master


Hey there!
I made a new godv3 script for the game Da Hood

How Do I Use It?
To begin using it you must either put it in your auto execute folder or execute it while ur joining the game when you have the forcefield on

What does godv3 do?
it lets you play any audio id you want without anyone in the game able to actually mute it
And it also makes it so u cannot be stomped or carried

What do the settings do?
There are 3 settings on this script
Godblock gives you godmode while your blocking
AutoRejoin1 makes you auto rejoin the same game you are in if the godv3 fails
AutoRejoin2 makes you auto rejoin when you die / fall into void which turns godv3 off obviously

More Information:
This script is Very Safe we do not gives logs to admins like swagmode owners
We log users to see who executes our script but the only people who have access to view this is Me and KillerHood
We do not log things like IP, Hwid etc we only log your roblox username

Do not worry about the script  auto executing on any other game the script has a game checker so it checks if your in da hood it will not execute in any other game on mistake!

This is my first ever thread im sorry if i had done something wrong 🙂

getgenv().Settings =  ['GodBlock'] = 'On', -- [On / Off]  ['AutoRejoin1'] = 'On', -- [On / Off] [ if godv3 fails to turn on when you first join it will auto rejoin you ]  ['AutoRejoin2'] = 'Off', -- [On / Off] [ If your godv3 turns off it will rejoin you and turn godv3 back on ]<br>}</p>

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://icxy.xyz/NovaGui/NovaGuiGodv3", true))()




Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script or Get it from Pastebin!

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