De Pride Isle Sanatorium Script | LOTS OF OP FEATURES!


Created by Tam


  • LocalPlayer:
    Anonymous (Removes name, clothes, and accessories to conceal your identity)
    No Blur (Removes the blur effect and insanity effects)
    No Ragdoll (Removes ragdoll and prevents staff from picking up your body) Note: No ragdoll isn’t fully functional due to staff still being able to ragdoll you with their holy stick because of a server sided remote.
    No fall damage (Removes fall damage)
    Reset (Resets your character)
  • Movement:
    No Stamina (Removes Stamina)
    Infinite Jump
    Sprint Multiplier (Multiplies the speed of sprinting)
  • Players:
    Players Dropdown menu (Allows you to pick players from a list)
    Goto Player (Teleports Local Player to chosen player)
    Give Cockroach (Gives chosen player a cockroach)
  • Misc:
    No Barriers (Remove Barriers that usually only allow for staff to access)
    Full Bright (Makes it light even when it is night time)
    No Hunger (Removes hunger)
    ChatLogs (Logs everything that people say)
  • ESP:
    ESP Toggle
    Staff ESP
    Spider ESP
    Players ESP




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