Doodle World Script | FAST AUTO FIND – 1 GLUBBIE/MIN


Created by Someone Insane


On execute it will force you to battle a random doodle
This doodle may not fit your settings, you can catch, kill, or run from it – Doesn’t matter
After that battle has ended, the actual automated part will start

It is highly recommended that you place your fastest doodle on the first slot of your party, this will increase the chance of running successfully
I didn’t bother making a child proof kill switch, so just rejoin to turn it off
Do NOT enter another battle while it is running, this will bug out your game until you rejoin

If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t mess with them – Although they are pretty simple
If you keep encountering a doodle that obviously doesn’t fit your criteria, add it’s name to the holderBlacklist
This does NOT blacklist the doodle, it just ignored whether or not it holds an item – (ex. It’ll still stop if its a misprint, assuming that’s true)

If a doodle fits ANY of the following settings, it'll automatically stop
Check source for logic

Make sure you spell the names right, I've added a few examples by default

getgenv().whitelist = { -- ALWAYS stops if it finds these regardless
   Glubbie = true,
   Wisp = true,
   Moss = true,
   Mold = true,
   Leapo = true,
getgenv().holderBlacklist = { -- Ignores whether or not a doodle holds an item
    Wiglet = true,
    Borbo = true,
    Pebblett = true,
    Springling = true,
    Rosebug = true,
    Roscoon = true,
    Bunsweet = true,

-- Stops if enemy doodle is/has one of these attributes
getgenv().misprints = true
getgenv().tints = true
getgenv().skins = true
getgenv().nameColor = true
getgenv().equips = true





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