Infectious Smile Script | WEAPON ANIMATIONS


Created by m320


  • The script does it all for you, just input which animations you want, equip the said tool, and its done. Doing this with skins and modifiers is the same concept but I haven’t got around the time of doing it, you can try to do it yourself though with similar code.
  • Here is the list of animations for every weapon:
  • Branch:
    Over Head
    360 Spin
  • Bat:
  • Handgun:
  • Knife:
  • If you want to switch to another animation, just reset and re-execute the script with the changed values.
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local batAnimations = Player.Marketplace.Animations["Human Animations"]["Bat Animations"]

local gunAnimations = Player.Marketplace.Animations["Human Animations"]["Handgun Animations"]

local knifeAnimations = Player.Marketplace.Animations["Human Animations"]["Knife Animations"]

local branchAnimations = Player.Marketplace.Animations["Human Animations"]["Branch Animations"]

local batAnim = "Chill"

local gunAnim = "Gangsta"

local knifeAnim = "Reverse"

local branchAnim = "360 Spin"

batAnimations.Default.Value = false

batAnimations.Equipped.Value = batAnim

batAnimations[batAnim].Value = true


gunAnimations.Default.Value = false

gunAnimations.Equipped.Value = gunAnim

gunAnimations[gunAnim].Value = true


knifeAnimations.Default.Value = false

knifeAnimations.Equipped.Value = knifeAnim

knifeAnimations[knifeAnim].Value = true


branchAnimations.Default.Value = false

branchAnimations.Equipped.Value = branchAnim
branchAnimations[branchAnim].Value = true



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