Created by Deni


Player Section:
* Walkspeed (Glitchy)
* JumpPower (Glitchy)
* Fly (F)
* Switch to Prisoner Team
* Switch to Police Team
* Switch to Hero Team


Auto Arrest Section:
* Working Auto Arrest Criminals
* Working Auto Arrest Villains


Teleports Section:
* Teleport to a Player you typed in the Box
* Teleport to Criminal Base
* Teleport to Casino Computer
* Teleport to Casino Vault
* Teleport Outside of Casino
* Teleport Inside of Casino
* Teleport Outside of the Club
* Teleport Inside of the Club
* Teleport to the Club Vault
* Teleport Outside of the Jewelry
* Teleport Inside of the Jewelry
* Teleport to the Jewelry Vault
* Teleport to the Ship (if its there)
* Teleport to the Ship’s Current Location
* Teleport Outside of the Prison
* Teleport Inside of the Prison
* Teleport Outside of the Pyramid
* Teleport Inside of the Pyramid
* Teleport to the Pyramid Vault
* Teleport to the Train’s Current Location
* Teleport to Trainstation 1
* Teleport to Trainstation 2


Note: Everything in Auto Rob Section is working BUT if someone is robbing it and the autorob want to rob something thats already robbed it will not continue.
Auto Rob Section:
* Auto Rob Small Stores (gives around 50k)
* Auto Rob Bank
* Auto Rob Casino
* Auto Rob Club
* Auto Rob Pyramid
* Auto Rob Ship
* Auto Rob Jewelry (Beta)
* JXNT Autorob (autoexecutes itself)


Stores Section:
* Open Bank
* Open Club
* Open Jewelry
* Open Pyramid
* Hack Club Vault
* Pull all Casino Levers     | Note: if 1 lever is pulled but for example the 3th one isn’t, it will catch an error and will not continue.
* Hack Casino Computer


Note: Please do not Mod ur Shotgun more than 2 times or else you will get banned. for every else weapon u can mod it how much you want.
Mods Section:
* Mod Shotgun x10
* Mod Pistol x10
* Mod MP5 x10
* Mod Baton x10
* Mod Laser Beam x10
* Infinite Ammo (Maybe not working)


MISC Section:
* Anti Report
* Auto XP Farm
* Kill All Criminals (Need to be in a Vehicle with missiles)
* Kill All Cops (Need to be in a Vehicle with missiles)
* Kill All Heroes (Need to be in a Vehicle with missiles)
* Unlock Some Gamepasses
* Unlock Emotes (not working)
* Server Hop

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()




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