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Created by BlastingStone


  • Chat Advertisement
  • Useful in trading plaza when you’re searching for some pet.
  • You can configure the chat and repeat cooldown, pet name, enchants you want on that pet, gems you’re willing to pay and (if you have) saying huge cat is not for trade.
local function chat(msg)
	game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").DefaultChatSystemChatEvents.SayMessageRequest:FireServer(msg, "All")

--getgenv().Toggle = true -- Script Loop

-- Cooldown settings:
local ChatCooldown = 0.5
local RepeatCooldown = 15

-- Advertisement settings:
local PetName = "DM Santa Paws πŸŒŒπŸŽ…" -- Enter the pet name you're searching for
local EnchantsWanted = "Royalty or/and Strength 5" -- Enchants you want on the pet
local GemAmount = "200kk" -- Enter how much you're willing to pay (in gems)
local PetNotForTrade = "HUGE CAT🐱" -- If someone annoys you when you have a cool pet

--while getgenv().Toggle == true do
chat("❗❗ Buying "..PetName.." ❗❗")
chat("❗❗ "..EnchantsWanted.." wanted ❗❗")
chat("❗❗ Paying "..GemAmount.." gems πŸ’Ž for 1 ❗❗")
chat("❗❗ pls pet πŸ₯Ί = instant mute 🚫 ❗❗")
chat("❗❗ "..PetNotForTrade.." IS NOT FOR TRADE πŸš«πŸ” ❗❗")



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