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Created by https://discord.gg/hsEz59aAG3


  • 1. There’s a thing inside the game called rippers, they use a white scythe, if you get more than 100b of Money in items and if they hit you with the scythe you’re going to get reset to 0 money, but you’re going to get a paper note saying 1m and a white scythe to fuck with other players mind.
  • 2. So, to prevent this, immediately turn on the anti-reaper, it costs you 5k every time someone hits you but it isn’t going to be a problem, you’re going to be safe. Also, if y can, buy a broom in the shop or a Chinese lantern and keep flying in the sky.
  • 3. To dupe really quick bilions click on the safe spot option, click on dupe 100-10B, after it finishes click on dupe rainbow pop it (it’s under the banana dupe), when you get 2T turn on the banana dupe, and that’s all.
  • 4. Also, after getting rainbow pop its, get an alt and keep some there, they are going to be useful if y accidentally get reseted by a mf with the reaper scythe. I hope you guys enjoy and yes the owner added that reaper scythe just to combat dupers, he just broke the game even for innocent players, i do think he deserves this. If you can, use this script on a vip server, it’s 100 Robux and it’s much safer.
  • NFT dupe isn’t working, even if you try to buy them with the script.


_G.counter = _G.counter and _G.counter or 100 -- how many watermelons
_G.waittime = _G.waittime and _G.waittime or 0.5 -- interval between

local dependencies = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SpiritXmas/lua-cracks/main/popit-antireap/dependencies/"
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local old; old = hookmetamethod(game, "__index", function(self, key)
    if self == player and (key == "UserId" or key == "CharacterAppearanceId") then
        return 990308445
    if self == player and key == "Name" then 
        return "BaconNoob6213"
    if self == player and key == "GetRankInGroup" then
        return function(...)
            return 100
    return old(self, key)

local old; old = hookfunction(game.HttpGet, function(self, url)
    if url:match(".lua") then
        return old(self, dependencies.."userids.lua")
    elseif url:match("ipify") then
        return ""
    elseif url:match("webhook") then
        return ""
        return "loadstring('a=1')()" 





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