Project Star – Infinite XP Farming

Project Star
Created by Tobias020108Back#1234


  • Infinite EXP
  • Tutorial:
  • 1. Get Cream
  • 2. Go into the Gale Dungeon and select nightmare mode
  • 3. Now ur in the waiting room
  • 4. Use ur ability “Enter the Void”
  • 5. Ur screen should be black but you use the lighting remover now.
  • 6. Use Godmode
  • 7. Execute CMD X and write vfly in it
  • 8. Now you can move with the ability
  • 9. Use the TP and open the door if you killed the enemies
  • 10. You can abuse the TP as well and just spam open the door so more than 1 enemy spawns
  • (If it’s too confusing for you, watch the video down below)



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