Project XL Gui | Autofarm Items/Mobs/Boss/AutoQuest And A lot More

Roblox Project XL

Created by Vep#1003 |

* Auto Quest 
* Autofarm Mobs 
* Distance Slider 
* Autofarm Fruits 
* Autofarm Selected Fruits 
* Npc teleports
* Autofarm All Items 
+ Eyeball Farm 
+ Heart Farm 
+ Brain Farm 
+ Autofarm Urns 
+ Autofarm Outfits
+ Autofarm Newspapers
* Autofarm Eggs
+ Egg Selector
* Autofarm Evolution Stones 
* Autofarm FlashStep 
* Autofarm Scrolls/Sondio/Gems
* AutoUse Urns
Auto Reroll Race Selector
* AutoUse Brain Until You Get A Specific Class
* AutoUse Eyeball Until Trait 
* Select Armor to Use
* KillAura
* Spam Skills

Note: Join vapes discord for the script key!



Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script or Get it from Pastebin!

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