Stand Upright Rebooted Script | Lazy Hub | AUTOFARM & MORE!


Created by Liok


+ Stand Upright: Rebooted
[+] NPC Farm
[-] Select NPC
[-] Farm Method
[-] Distance
[-] Auto Farm NPC
[-] Auto Quest
[-] Auto Use Stand
[-] Insta Respawn NPC
[-] Insta Kill (works only with high dmg stands!)

[+] Player Farm
[-] Select Player

[-] Farm Method
[-] Distance
[-] Farm Player

[+] Lair Farm
[-] Select Lair
[-] Farm Method
[-] Distance
[-] Auto Farm Lair
[-] Insta Kill

[+] Stand Farm
[-] Select Stand [multi]
[-] Select Attribute [multi]
[-] Select Arrow [multi]
[-] Webhook
[-] Auto Farm Stand
[-] And other features!

[+] Item Farm
[-] Working item farm!

[+] Other Tab
[-] Auto Equip Umbrella
[-] Stun all NPCS
[-] Drop Items
[-] Store Stands

[+] Shop Tab
[-] Buy anything from shop

[+] Local Player
[-] WalkSpeed and Dash slider
[-] Anti TS
[-] Invisible [kinda buggy]

repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded()

-- Games : A Universal Day, A 0ne Piece Game, Demonfall, Project Baki 2, Reaper 2, Anime Rifts, Stand Upright: Rebooted.




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