Starscape [Beta] Script | AUTO MINER BOT


Created by sherbs


    • esigned for use with Roblox Account Manager. YOU WILL CRASH OFTEN IF IT ISN’T USED! GUIDE FOR IT IS POSTED IN MY SERVER.
    • Put it in your autoexec, just get in a mining ship (An ozark class or above). Fluxus is not supported!
_G.wl_key = ""


   [Sherbscape Autominer Bot]

   Roblox Accouunt Manager Commands:
       [Start]: Cancel Return commands, resume mining
       [Stop]: Stops the bot
       [Return]: Return to nearest unsecure/secure system to deposit ores
       [ReturnDisconnect]: Same as return, but disables autorejoin. Use this to collect the ores from your bots
       [Kick]: Kicks client out of the game, bot will be stopped on rejoin

       Designed for use with Roblox Account Manager:
       Main settings only work with Roblox Account Mananger enabled!
       It is recommended to not mine every ore, and skip some of the lower value ores
       Performance setting lets you limit FPS and disable 3D rendering. Performance must be enabled for FPSLimit to take effect
       Player whitelist stops your accounts showing up in your player finder webhook
       Hit Backspace while mining to stop mining
       Use WarpBooster to disable warp charge time for all mining class ships and increase warp speed


getgenv().main = {
   ["WarpBooster"] = true

getgenv().RAM_settings = {
   ["RobloxAccountManagerIntegration"] = false,
   ["MuteAudio"] = true,
   ["Performance"] = true

getgenv().links = {
   ["Main"] = "",
   ["Status"] = "",
   ["VX"] = "",
   ["FO"] = "",
   ["AN"] = "",
   ["Players"] = ""

getgenv().player_whitelist = {

getgenv().ores_to_mine = {
   ["RedNarcor"] = true,
   ["BlueNarcor"] = true,
   ["Axnit"] = true,
   ["Gellium"] = false,
   ["Reknite"] = false,
   ["Korrelite"] = false





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