Created by xXmlghackerXx


  • Stun Stick modifier you can use the buttons on the right when you have a stun stick out to change it to whatever you take a liking to
  • Modifies your Head Lamp so its rainbow and tranquil
  • Music Player, input a id and it will play the sound looped
  • Rake Esp
  • Scrap Esp
  • Lootbox Esp
  • Flare Gun Esp
  • Lootbox Loot Finder
  • Time Teller — Tells you the time ingame
  • Rake Info Teller — Tells Health Info and Distance
  • Rake Detector — Tells you when Rake is within 100 Studs, I created this cause I was tired of rake sneaking up on my ass when I was writing code
  • The sounds also get modified so in the script you can change the ids in the randomchase table


q allows you to run defying the laws of stamina, you can also press it again to go slow
x allows you to run at a dangerous speed, use this only for short amounts of time because if you get teleported back for the 3rd time you will be killed by the anticheat (not banned but still you lose items)
b enables and disables the gui
L gives you fullbright and disables it aswell
p destroys the script and gui

now onto the commands
/e Music [ID] — plays a sound unlooped on your character
/e clear — destroys all sounds in your character
/e [WeaponName] — if someone else is using the script they can also see your stunstick change when you use this command instead of the buttons which is changed only for you





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