Untitled Attack On Titan Script | MISSION AUTOFARM


Created by Curver



JOIN A LOBBY BEFORE EXECUTING (not the main menu with character customization, press the play button and then you’ll be in a lobby)
Put in auto-execute folder

local lobbyid = 6372960231
local PlaceID = game.PlaceId

if (PlaceID == lobbyid)
   game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(7664622578, LocalPlayers)
   getgenv().autofarm = true
   getgenv().tpseed = 150 --put to 199 max if you like taking risks. You won't get banned or kicked for this speed but you may die cause sometimes the script breaks > 150

For anyone who does not want to farm missions, here’s a private server code to use in free roam: m6XVXB




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