Anime Clicker Simulator Script | AUTO FARM, TELEPORT & MORE FEATURES!



Created by Enxquity


  • [-/!-] Main Feature List [-/!-]
    • [*]AutoClicker
    • [*]Redeem All codes
    • [*]Reclaim Daily Chest[*]
  • [-/!-] Teleport Feature List [-/!-]
    • [*]Anime Village
    • [*]Pirate Docks
    • [*]Purple Forest
    • [*]Shinobi Village
    • [*]Spirit Society
    • [*]Narmek
    • [*]Hero Academy
    • [*]Stand City
    • [*]Hunter Kingdom
    • [*]Jiu Jitsu Sewers
    • [*]The Sin Zone
    • [*]World of Fate
    • [*]AC city
    • [*]Town of Dawn
    • [*]Walled Arena
  • [-/!-] Boss Feature List [-/!-]
    • [*]AutoClick on Evil Vegete
    • [*]AutoClick on Long Nose
    • [*]AutoClick on Akazaki
    • [*]AutoClick on Serparu
    • [*]AutoClick on Grim
    • [*]AutoClick on Metal Giant
    • [*]AutoClick on Freezie
    • [*]AutoClick on The One
    • [*]AutoClick on Brand
    • [*]AutoClick on Demon KIng
    • [*]AutoClick on The Priest
    • [*]AutoClick on Boru
    • [*]AutoClick on Quinn
    • [*]AutoClick on The Destroyer
  • [-/!-] Local Players Feature List [-/!-]
    • [*]Walkspeed Slider
    • [*]JumPower Slider
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()




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