Anime Punching Simulator Script | AUTO ENERGY, AUTO REBIRTH & MORE!


Created by loglizzyy


  • Auto energy
  • Auto rebirth (auto selects the best choice)
  • Auto practice (in the best npc)
ws=game.Workspace;rs=game.ReplicatedStorage;pl=game.Players.LocalPlayer;run=game:GetService("RunService")rt=rs.Remotes;ls=pl.leaderstats;mod=rs.Modules;reb=require(mod.Rebirths)cli=rt.ClientRemote;tap=rt.TappingEvent;get={data=function(self)return cli:InvokeServer("PlayerData")end}if not shared.runned then run:BindToRenderStep("",0,function()tap:FireServer()end)shared.unned=true end;while task.wait(1)do local a=get:data()local b,c;for d,e in next,reb do c=e.Cost<=a.Energy and(not c or e.Amount>c.Amount)and e or c;b=c==e and d or b end;cli:InvokeServer("Rebirths",b)local f=pl.Character and pl.Character.PrimaryPart;if a.Gems>=a.ImproveTax and f then local g;for d,e in next,ws["__SETTINGS"]["__INTERACT"]:GetChildren()do if e.Name=='Practice'then g=not g and e or a.Areas[e.Area.Value]and e.Boost.Value>g.Boost.Value and e or g end end;f.CFrame=g.CFrame;cli:InvokeServer("Practice",g)end end




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